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Watercolor Paper: 5 Things You Might Not Know

Watercolor Paper: 5 Things You Might Not Know

Watercolor is really a fascinating medium, but oftentimes beginners are given conflicting information… or none at all. Include to that particular confusion the array choices of watercolor documents available, also it’s no wonder that numerous would-be watercolor music artists either stop before they ever get going or make bad alternatives that end in failure.

Plus it’s not only beginners that have problems with faulty information. I’ve also heard lifelong watercolorist debating the known facts below. So let’s clear the confusion (or at least several of it) by checking out 5 essential things you really need that you may not know about watercolor paper— but to! Before we begin, keep in mind.

You can afford when it comes to art supplies, purchase the best that.

Artists or expert grade documents will usually perform much better than student or studio grade papers. After that, your choices can seem endless in relation to cold-pressed vs hot-pressed vs rough when weight that is contemplating format (pad, sheets, obstructs, etc).

This short article will not tackle just what paper you need to use, that is strictly an individual preference, but rather centers on what you ought to know to select and employ the paper that is best for you!

A typical page within my sketchbook that showcases an upside-down watermark. The position and side of the paper really doesn’t matter as a general rule.

1. There’s absolutely no s that are front/back/correctI’ve been expected this question so frequently that I’ve destroyed count. I’ve even read articles and forum posts where seasoned artists try to advise other people on which part associated with the watercolor paper may be the “front” or which side could be the “top. “