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4 Don’ts When Getting Associated With a army guy

4 Don’ts When Getting Associated With a army guy

Dear Ms. Vicki,

I am 22 years of age, and also this is my time that is first being a relationship with a person into the army. He simply returned from Afghanistan and decided he really wants to be hitched over the following couple of years.

I have heard numerous tales of soldiers unfaithful, and I also had been wondering whether i ought to get worried, with him being only 21?

We’re currently nine hours aside, and I also anticipate going my son and me nearer to him. Will which help at all?

— New Relationship

Dear New,

We promised myself to start out being more available and truthful with every person whom writes in my experience. I am perhaps perhaps not saying i am going to surly be mean or; I simply plan to become more candid about the problem.

You stated this really is your first-time having a armed forces guy. I am hoping he’s a great guy, not merely since you have a son you are bringing into the relationship because you deserve a good man, but.

I got four “don’ts” you’ll want to bear in mind while you move ahead.

1. Make sure you remember the person in the uniform.

I have discovered throughout the years that some individuals get crazy over a guy in uniform. It represents energy and prestige for all.

They forget the man in the uniform. They think the uniform and rank equal character, nevertheless they do not. Due to this, females can quickly leap too in to the relationship. Being outcome, they are able to ignore indications that ought to be getting their attention.

2. Do not hurry into this relationship.

I might state this if perhaps you were 22 or 52. How old you are doesn’t matter, and their age does not matter.