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How to proceed whenever fake commercial collection agency scammers call. Should we cancel the repayment?

How to proceed whenever fake commercial collection agency scammers call. Should we cancel the repayment?

I obtained a call message which said some one will be by my place and home of work to provide me personally a summons. That kinda startled me. Then later on we called the quantity right straight back and spoke with somebody. They stated I’d this old financial obligation, we told them that we never really had this kind of card. Then they said that i will be getting offered a summons and would need to fill my court documents out. But, if that happen yet i possibly could settle within the phone for https://www.badcreditloanslist.com/payday-loans-ky.50 in the buck.

They did not understand who was simply designed to provide me personally (sheriff) and don’t even understand where we lived. They simply rattled down addresses.

They kept threatening that the court date would be set just since the man arrived inside my home.

In haste a payment was made by me in full (reduction of program) to stay rather than head to court!

Thinking right straight straight back, they completely got me personally! We completely drew a blank from the SOL.

just just What tricked me personally the most was they said I, or somebody, had made repayments during the last a decade. Yeah right!

So what would you the course that is best of action will be here? I paid on a credit card and ended up being simply planning to repay it (keeping a zero balance is habit now).

Should we cancel the repayment? Did we screw within the SOL?

In addition they emailed me personally an agreement but We haven’t read it so have not signed it.

I happened to be thinking to respond which they have called off the summons that they need to state they won’t take me to court and. Essentially encourage them to acknowledge for their unlawful bullying threats so the fines could be collected by me from their website.