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“the length of time is simply too long of no contact while dating? “

“the length of time is simply too long of no contact while dating? “

“About 3 days. ” published by jon_kill at 9:38 have always been on 21, 2009 3 favorites april

Neither of you communicated with each other at all for 3 weeks, and this was after a couple months of dating from what I can glean from your question. Which means you both delivered the message you’ren’t that into each other.

You’re wasting energy attempting to show up with excuses so it did not suggest just what it intended. Oh, it had been simply “casual” (whatever this means), there have been no full-day times, there was clearly no intercourse. You do not also have to ask us whether these known facts insulate you against critique, since you’re seeing the end result: they do not.

But we find her effect plus the result of some in this thread become bizarrely asymmetrical, let’s assume that you had been both doing the precise same task. Just why is it solely anonymous’s responsibility? Published by Jaltcoh at 9:40 have always been on 21, 2009 april

Less helpful, but entirely real, response: You acted such as a complete jerk. Vanishing for three months is unsatisfactory in just about any relationship that is intimate emotions and objectives are delicate and individuals are wondering where they stand and where in actuality the relationship is certainly going.

More helpful, as well as real, response: To be less of the jerk as time goes on, communicate, as just SNWidget said. If you are maybe not planning to communicate with her for over 36 hours or more, simply offer her a call and state, “Look – i am nevertheless going through this other relationship.