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Casey Anthony’s Life Now, Over a decade After Daughter Caylee Vanished

Casey Anthony’s Life Now, Over a decade After Daughter Caylee Vanished

10 years ago, on December 11, 2008, the stays of only a little brown-haired woman, Caylee Anthony, had been discovered in the trash case in a wooded area in Orlando, Florida. The little one, who had been final seen alive in June of this 12 months and https://brides-to-be.com/asian-brides/ reported missing in July, will have turned 36 months old that August had she lived.

Caylee’s mom, Casey Anthony, had been charged within the situation, however in 2011 had been discovered not liable of first-degree murder. She served a quick time in jail on relevant misdemeanor counts after which was launched. Nevertheless, years later on, curiosity about her life continues to be high.

A&E Real Crime checks in on which Casey Anthony is up to, the connection along with her parents and buddies, her status that is legal and lingering questions regarding the truth.

What exactly is Casey doing now? Casey, 32, everyday lives in South Florida in the house of Patrick McKenna, a detective that is private ended up being the lead investigator on the protection group. She works for him as a researcher.

Relating to individuals mag, this woman is dating and may be turning over having another kid.

“For a number of years she ended up being like ‘no way,’ a source told the mag. “But time changed that and she’s now open to it you might say she’sn’t been before.”

Is she nevertheless in contact with her moms and dads? Casey’s relationship with moms and dads George and Cindy Anthony happens to be rocky and it is constantly evolving. Present reports suggest that Casey is sporadically in touch with her mother, Cindy, not together with her daddy, George.